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Bankruptcy funds claim report for either individuals or companies. Recovered Asset Advisors searches its database of up to date bankruptcy funds reports to identify unclaimed funds that you or your company can claim. Whether it’s been months, years, or even decades, it will be worth it to know if you have funds waiting for you in the federal government’s coffers.

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We’ve heard too many stories about individuals and companies who simply did not know whether they had funds available to them as part of a bankruptcy case. Sometimes time is the culprit – people and companies move on and don’t realize there are funds waiting for them. There are myriad reasons why bankruptcy funds never reach their intended recipients. But one thing is for certain. You’ll never know until you research it. Let Recovered Asset Advisors search for you. Using our powerful database access we can let you know how much is waiting for you. If you have funds waiting, use our Turn-Key Claim service and authorize us to do your claim paperwork for you so you can receive your money. Don’t wait!