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Bankruptcy Funds Report


Have you been involved with a bankruptcy case as either a debtor or creditor? You may have funds that are legally due to you from the federal government. Get this tell-all report that reveals the who, what, when, where and why. Learn how to claim your money from the federal government.

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Product Description

The federal government has in excess of $200 million in its coffers. For a variety of reasons, the bankruptcy court accumulates funds that become due to both debtors and creditors. While the government is required to make a good faith effort to disburse these funds there are still hundreds of millions of dollars worth of live checks that never make it to their recipients because of outdated postal delivery addresses or other circumstances.

Intended for both debtors and creditors, this report has been exclusively researched and published by Recovered Asset Advisors as a consumer guide explaining how to claim funds that may still be available to you as part of a bankruptcy case, even after months, years, or even decades!