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    Have you been involved with a bankruptcy case as either a debtor or creditor? You may have funds that are legally due to you from the federal government. Get this tell-all report that reveals the who, what, when, where and why. Learn how to claim your money from the federal government.
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    Database Search

    Bankruptcy funds claim report for either individuals or companies. Recovered Asset Advisors searches its database of up to date bankruptcy funds reports to identify unclaimed funds that you or your company can claim. Whether it's been months, years, or even decades, it will be worth it to know if you have funds waiting for you in the federal government's coffers.
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    Do It Yourself Claim Package

    The DIY Claim Package is designed for to individuals and companies who have competent knowledge of the bankruptcy court system and feel confident completing the funds claim process on their own. We provide you with all necessary legal forms that initiate the funds disbursement process. Select whether you need the individual or commercial version.
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    Turn-Key Claim

    Complete bankruptcy funds claim service. Recovered Asset Advisors takes care of everything. All you do is submit your individual or company information to us. We research the bankruptcy funds availability using our powerful database and fill in all of the necessary forms and file them for you.