Recovered Asset Advisors Announces Service Assisting Individuals and Companies Involved in a Bankruptcy to Reclaim Money Owed by the Federal Government

Many people who have gone through bankruptcies are unaware that they may be owed money by the Federal government in funds that were due to be reimbursed. Recovery Asset Advisors, experts in discovering “lost” funds a individual could claim from being part of a bankruptcy, recently announced their services being available in this area at record low rates. Users have responded with enthusiasm.

May 20, 2015

With bankruptcies becoming increasingly common, it’s no surprise that many of the issues surrounding their aftermath are surrounded in bureaucracy. One area in particular, that many people are quite unaware of, is the fact that there’s often money that’s left unclaimed in the years that follow a bankruptcy that both debtors and creditors can qualify for. Recovered Asset Advisors, experts in this area, recently announced their service in assisting individuals discover and reclaim this money owed to them by the Federal government. Clients have responded with enthusiasm.

“Our goal is to make clients aware of the money that’s available to them and to assist them in claiming it after a bankruptcy,” commented a spokesperson from Recovered Asset Advisors. “The motivation for the Federal government to find these people on their own and reimburse them in clearly low, so we feel our service is an important way to help individuals get what they are rightly owed.”

Recovered Asset Advisors operates a comprehensive data base as to who is owed bankruptcy related funds, where the funds are located and how to claim the funds quickly and simply.

According to the company, they offer a number of packages to help clients in this area, that are set up depending on an individuals past and needs.  Their introduction Database Search is priced at only $9.95, which provides a full bankruptcy funds claim report and is often enough for an individual to locate and claim the money they are owed by the Federal government.

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