Bankruptcy Asset Recovery Service

Involved in a bankruptcy? Find your missing money today!

Many among the general public are unaware that the government, at the state and federal level, legally obtains funds from bankruptcy cases.  When legal property appears abandoned by its owner, banks, stockholders, and even former employers transfer abandoned property to a comptroller or treasurer to be filed as unclaimed property, which includes unclaimed funds post-bankruptcy. The comptroller or treasurer is required to attempt contact with the unclaimed properties’ owner, but with state funds diminishing, it’s unclear how deliberate their attempts are, or if any attempts are taken at all. Through the escheat process, all 50 states are able to seize and absorb unclaimed property. Our bankruptcy asset recovery services ensure you find and claim all of your missing money.

U.S. citizens and businesses alike have contributed to an estimated $41.7 billion in unclaimed properties. Bankruptcy only complicates an already obscure process. Although only Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor the liquefaction of certain assets, there are circumstances where Chapter 13 debtors may also claim unclaimed property. The time that has passed since the filing or failed delivery of funds from trustees can also complicate procuring your unclaimed bankruptcy money. After 5 years, unclaimed funds from bankruptcy cases are transferred to the U.S. Treasury. The nuances, complexity, and general frustration of the asset recovery process drove the genesis of Recovered Asset Advisors.

Recovered Asset Advisors is here to help you through this difficult process, and help you find your unclaimed bankruptcy money. We have developed a suite of services including consulting, database search, bankruptcy funds reports, and turn-key claim filing. Only need help getting started? Our DIY Claim Package may be the choice for you.

Recovered Asset Advisors’ bankruptcy asset recovery services help companies stay aware of any forgotten unclaimed bankruptcy funds through our Commercial Alerts. Our services were established to evaluate the severity of your case, find where these unclaimed funds may be, and fill out and file paperwork necessary for receiving the funds that are rightfully and legally yours. We may also save you trips back to bankruptcy court and hiring expensive lawyers.

Find out how much missing money is owed to you. Contact Recovered Asset Advisors today at 512-761-3903.

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Database Search

  • Database search report
  • Commercial search report $19.95

DIY Claims Package

  • Complete Forms Package
  • Commercial Package $49.95

Turn-Key Claim

  • Completely done for you.
  • Commercial Package $299.95

Commercial Alert

  • Commercial Claims Alerts
  • Monthly search and reporting

Database Search

The Database Search is a bankruptcy funds claim report for either individuals or companies. Recovered Asset Advisors searches its database of up to date bankruptcy funds reports to identify unclaimed funds that you or your company can claim. Whether it’s been months, years, or even decades, it will be worth it to know if you have funds waiting for you in the federal government’s coffers.

DIY Claims Package

The DIY Claim Package is designed for individuals and companies who have competent knowledge of the bankruptcy court system and feel confident completing the funds claim process on their own. We provide you with all necessary legal forms that initiate the funds disbursement process. Select whether you need the individual or commercial version.

Turn-Key Claim

The Turn-Key Claim is a complete bankruptcy funds claim service. Recovered Asset Advisors takes care of everything. All you do is submit your individual or company information to us. We research the bankruptcy funds availability using our powerful database and fill in all of the necessary forms and file them for you.

Commercial Alert

Recovered Asset Advisors’ Commercial Alert Service is a monthly bankruptcy claims alert that keep you up to date with the most current detailed information available. This service includes a monthly report of claims search results that your organization can use to initiate a claim on funds.
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